Electromagnetic Machine – How long will PEMFs take to heal?

When people are exploring PEMF therapy, one of the first things they want to know is how long it will take before they feel relief.  That’s a tricky question, because it depends on a number of variables.  But we can offer some reasonable estimates about when they can expect improvement in their condition, and help them have realistic expectations, with the right information about what problem they are trying to treat.

Figuring out a timeline for when someone will feel better starts with an understanding of how PEMF therapy works for various health conditions.  The overall health of the person being treated is also a critical factor. Choosing the right device is essential in getting the fastest healing – and being able to sustain the results long term. 

Often, the first week or two of using a system brings great results, which can be very exciting, particularly when an issue has been ongoing.  For other people, the results are slower, and the treatment protocol may need to be tweaked.  It takes time for the body to heal after being appropriately stimulated, so patience is important.  For instance, it takes 8 to 12 weeks for a fracture to heal to a point where the bone can be used. And that doesn’t even mean healing is complete!  Research has shown that PEMF therapy can speed the rate of healing for fractures, but it’s not magic.

Except in the case of acute trauma (like bone fractures) it often takes a long time for illness to develop, so it’s reasonable to assume it will take time to heal as well.  But while that healing occurs, PEMF therapy can alleviate pain and make symptoms more manageable.

Realistic expectations for PEMF therapy healing and improvements

It’s normal to want healing to occur as quickly as possible, especially if you’ve been dealing with symptoms for a long time, but having realistic expectations is crucial in allowing the treatment the time it needs to work.  Small improvements may not be noticeable or seem like enough, but if you pay close attention to the differences you see every day – no matter how small – you might realize they add up to big change!

To know what expectations are appropriate, we need to know the nature of the problem, how long it’s been going on, the depth of damage or dysfunction, what tissues are involved (and their potential to regenerate), and the age of the person to be treated. 

PEMFs may not reverse all issues, but they can certainly slow down, or even pause, the progression of disease.  Even if the damaged tissues do not have the ability to regenerate, PEMF therapy can reduce pain and swelling, improve circulation, and stimulate tissues to allow for any healing possible.

Often, the health problems PEMFs are used for are chronic, nagging issues.  In these cases, it could be up to six months before the desired end results are achieved.  But again, small improvements will be evident along the path to complete healing.

It’s important to note that if the intensity of the treatment, or the time spent using the system isn’t sufficient, results may not be noticeable in the first few months.

Which conditions can be treated with PEMF therapy?

PEMFs are effective on a wide range of health problems too numerous to cover in one article.  Two of the most common conditions treated with PEMF therapy are pain and inflammation.  Each of these can be either chronic or acute conditions.  The type of pain or inflammation you are dealing with will change the amount of treatment time necessary.

In acute situations, in otherwise healthy people, pain and inflammation will probably resolve on their own, although PEMF therapies can speed this process and reduce the amount of time needed for healing.  The sooner in the process you begin PEMF treatment, the faster you’ll see results.

Sometimes, the body’s healing processes get stuck, for any number of reasons.  When this occurs, tissues are open to progressing from an acute state to a chronic state of disease.  Cells receive signals which then promote change in cellular behavior.  When that signal is garbled, or the wrong signal is sent, chronic conditions often result. 

Getting that cellular communication back on track is critical in reversing the dysfunction and finding relief.  PEMF therapy can be used on the brain to reestablish proper communication.  But again, if the condition has been present for a considerable amount of time, the progress may be slow and steady, and you won’t see major results immediately.

Some problems, like bone-on-bone arthritis in a hip or knee joint, cannot be corrected with PEMF therapy alone.  In this circumstance, there is no cartilage left to regenerate, and the damage is so substantial, a joint replacement may be the best course of action. But there’s still value in using PEMF therapy, for both pain management and prepping the tissues to be as healthy as possible prior to the surgery. 

After the joint replacement, recovery time is likely to be shorter, and risk of complications smaller, when magnetic field therapy is used. Some research and patient feedback suggests that the prosthesis integrates better with the bone, so the new joint feels stronger, when PEMF therapy is used. This also may decrease the probability, and often inevitability, of future breakdown of the replaced joint, requiring complicated and difficult revision surgery.

Very low intensity treatment may make you feel better by fooling the brain

Many commonly sold very low intensity PEMF devices (around 1 Gauss or less) are being aggressively marketed in the community with significant claims of relief. It’s true that these very low intensity PEMF systems may make you feel better, by fooling the nervous system and flooding the brain with neurotransmitters that provide this sense of wellness, without contributing to any significant healing. Research shows that the systems do little to help heal significant chronic problems because their intensities are too low to penetrate the body well enough to do the healing needed at deeper levels. So, the results are usually temporary at best.

BioBalancePEMF can help you achieve the results you’re looking for!

Selecting a PEMF device is a very personal process, and the condition you are treating is an important piece of the puzzle.  The BioBalancePEMF, used daily, can improve overall health, increase energy, decrease inflammation, help you sleep better, and much more. BioBalancePEMF is a medium-intensity (10 Gauss maximum) whole-body system with six programs designed to meet a wide range of needs. With two applicators, a mat and a pad, the BioBalancePEMF is flexible and versatile. They can even be used at the same time, or all night, and even allow healing for two people at once, day or night!

BioBalancePEMF devices are the world’s most advanced consumer PEMF technology. With a broad PEMF frequency spectrum of up to 1000 Hz, it has 6 programs for better sleep, relaxation, balance and recovery.

A pinnacle in PEMF research and development, our PEMF machines have a unique regenerative signal and hundreds of satisfied users world-wide. Learn more and find your balance!

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