With daily use of the BioBalance PEMF therapy device you are going to improve overall health. It will help you to increase energy, improve sleep, decrease inflammation, recover faster, cellular regeneration and more. Read the PEMF research data and feel free to experiment, PEMF has great effects on both the body and the mind and helps several conditions where conventional medicine has side-effects. See Health Benefits of PEMF therapy for more info on the topic.

On the couch, on the bed, on your office chair, these are all great options.
It’s as simple as plugging it in, starting a program and laying on the PEMF mat or using local applicator. Make sure you have at least one of the applicators plugged into the back of the control unit in one of the ports labeled 1 or 2. Then turn the power on by pushing the switch to face towards “AC” on the back and choose the desired program and hit play. For more details or further support, refer to the user manual sent to you after purchase.
Yes, it’s possible for two to use the system. One could use the PEMF mat applicator, while the other could use the pad applicator at the same time. Alternatively, you could use two BioBalances side-by-side for max benefit and comfort.

See our product comparison page for more details on how it compares to other popular PEMF brands. Some advantages of using the BioBalance are:


  1. Use two applicators at one time without sacrificing intensity. This means that two people could be using the system at the same time and both would be receiving maximum intensity depending on which program is being used

  2. A large range of intensities that can be increased or decreased while an active program is running

  3. Large selection of time ranges for programs from 15 minutes up to 12 hours
No, we don’t recommend sleeping on the full-body PEMF mat all night. This will decrease the lifetime of the mat due to increased wear & tear. If required for improving sleep, we recommend using the small pad under the pillow.
Yes, this device is safe for kids and for pets. Please consult with a PEMF physician or vet (for pets) before using of any of these systems
This is dependent on use but should be between 8-10 years. For the applicators is 4-8 years. That’s less than $3 day if you own for 5 years. Own it for 10 years and the price decreases even more.

These various programs have been pre-created so that the user is able to plug-in and begin using the device right away. You can find the descriptions of BioBalance PEMF programs on the How it works page.

For most people this will not be an issue. For those with pacemakers and artificial items placed into the body, please consult a physician prior to use. Studies have shown no adverse effects of substantial amount of treatment but as with any type of treatment, you should consult a physician first.

Please read this article from Dr. Pawluk to learn about Setting a Healing Timeline with PEMF . The average time for use varies but using a PEMF for any length of time is beneficial. The more you use this machine, the more your body will benefit from it. You could do this for as little as 15 minutes a day or as many as 12 hours.

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November 6, 2018

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