What are PEMF Pads and How PEMF Therapy Can Improve Your Health?

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy has a proven track record of success for myriad health conditions. PEMF therapy speeds healing of wounds and fractures, helps with stroke rehabilitation, and eases chronic pain resulting from osteoarthritis, surgery, autoimmune disease and much more.

In addition to relieving pain and improving symptoms caused by acute trauma or chronic disease, PEMF therapy offers real, tangible benefits for general health maintenance and enhancing sports performance. These benefits are a direct result of improved circulation and oxygenation of the blood.

Bemer mats and other PEMF pads have been used by professional athletes for decades. The practice is a safe, legal way to enhance cellular performance and healing through the use of electromagnetic pulses.

PEMF mats, when used as part of the daily exercise and wellness routine, not only increase athletic performance but encourage proper cell function to promote optimal health and wellness.

How Do Bemer Mats & PEMF Machines Enhance Exercise

Exercise has been shown time and again to promote good health, protect against chronic disease and the effects of aging, and even increase life expectancy. But exercise can also be tough on the body, particularly when movements are repetitive and training is intense. 

Over training reduces performance and increases risk of injury, such as torn muscles, strains or sprains, dislocated joints, or fractures. Constant demands on joints and muscles can also lead to chronic illness such as osteoarthritis, bursitis or tendonitis.

Both research and anecdotal evidence from real users demonstrate how effective a daily regimen that includes PEMF therapy is in maintaining strong muscles, bones, and overall good health.

PEMF mats stimulate healing at the cellular level. Uncomfortable symptoms and major health concerns are all ultimately caused by one thing: damage to the body’s cells. The use of pulsed electromagnetic fields allows for treatment both near the surface (BEMER pads) and deep within the body to stimulate healing at the cellular level.

The body has natural charges, both positive and negative. When these natural charges are disrupted, cells break down. When cells are damaged, optimal body functioning just isn’t possible, no matter how healthy your daily habits are.

With vigorous training, muscles and joints can become strained, causing pain and limiting an athlete’s ability to perform. Quick recovery time is important for athletes, whether professional or recreational.

Enhanced blood flow allows for more intense training. PEMF therapy has been proven to increase blood flow throughout the body. Thus, regular use of a PEMF device can enhance training and encourage peak athletic performance.

PEMF therapy can be used before or after training to achieve healthier results. Higher intensity treatment prior to training or competition prepares more and deeper muscles to perform at their best.

Using PEMF devices after training prompts faster recovery, limiting muscle and joint pain. Intense training fatigues the muscles. Nutrients and oxygen are sent to support performance while training, which may mean waste products aren’t flushed out as quickly as they should be. That’s where the sluggish, sore feelings come from; they’re a clear message that tissue is damaged and needs a break.  PEMF therapy quickly restores balance in the cells to speed cellular healing, reducing the amount of rest time required.

The Science Behind BEMER pads and Other PEMF Devices

A wealth of both animal and human research is available demonstrating the safety and efficacy of PEMF therapy. These results are consistent across a wide range of devices, suggesting that pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has a positive impact on health regardless of the PEMF system used.

In one study using rats, PEMF therapy was examined in relation to how it could be used to accelerate healing in rotator cuff injuries, a common issue stemming from overuse. Results showed a positive effect on healing when treated with PEMFs, as compared to untreated subjects, with no adverse side effects.1

Another randomized, double blind trial explored whether PEMF therapy could provide pain relief in subjects with chronic musculoskeletal pain, with positive results. Regular vigorous exercise can lead to chronic pain as muscles and joints are subjected to constant use. Regular use of PEMF mats can reduce this pain, allowing for continuation of daily exercise routines.2

Other research has shown the varied benefits of PEMF therapy, including activating and stimulating the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)3 which controls breathing, heart rate, digestion, and all vital body functions; relieving anxiety and depression;4 promoting bone formation5; and so much more.

PEMF treatments, including BEMER pads, also affect acupuncture points and meridians, acting as a form of acupuncture treatment without needles. Because acupuncture points can be influenced by heat, friction, light, electrical stimulation and magnetic fields, whole body PEMF treatment is simultaneously, along with other actions, offering the benefits of acupuncture-type treatment.6

Bemer Pad vs BioBalance PEMF Pad

The best PEMF mat is the one that will provide the desired benefits, whether that’s enhanced athletic performance, management of a specific condition, or a desire for better overall wellness. There are so many PEMF mats available that without the right expertise, it can be hard to choose the one that will provide the most benefit for your situation.

Any PEMF device is likely to produce some positive effects, but having a clear idea of the desired results and intended use will help you select the best option for your needs. Intensity, frequency, and cost are all important considerations.

The BEMER pad is one specific brand of PEMF mat, available only through Multi-Level Marketing distributors. BEMER marketing focuses primarily on the benefits of improved circulation for sports performance and overall wellness. This specific device likely provides that benefit, but the very low intensity of the BEMER pad may not be sufficient to address other specific conditions, especially healing deeper in the body.

In contrast, the BioBalance is a medium-intensity system, with adjustable intensity up to 10 gauss on both the small pillow applicator and the whole body mat. The BEMER whole body pad  has a maximum intensity of just 3 gauss, much lower than the 10 gauss BioBalance offers.

The Biobalance PEMF system is a much better choice all around.

The BioBalance PEMF mat has a choice of six programs; BEMER pads have two. A wider range of programs allows for a wider range of benefits.  But perhaps the most convincing reason to choose a BioBalance over a BEMER pad is the price. At less than $2500, the BioBalance is less than half what a BEMER system costs. 

The BioBalance PEMF system, when used daily, boosts natural recovery, increases results from exercise, yoga & meditation, and improves the way your body uses nutrients to promote optimal health and wellness.

The BioBalance system has two applicator options: a full body pad and a smaller pillow applicator.  These can be used separately or simultaneously, with no loss of intensity, for maximum flexibility and results. Frequencies range from 0.5 Hz to 23 Hz, with additional background frequencies ranging from 300 Hz to 1,000 Hz to enhance depth of penetration of the PEMF signal. With treatment times ranging from 10 minutes to 12 hours, the BioBalance can be used for safe and effective overnight healing, as well as promoting quality sleep. It also allows battery operation for use away from an AC power source.

The BioBalance PEMF mat will keep you moving at peak ability.  Contact our team with questions or to purchase.


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