Why PEMF Therapy Is Being Used By Professional Athletes To Treat Injuries

All competitive athletes want to be at the top of their game, but when that game is also their career, peak performance is even more important.  Injuries can sideline a professional athlete. When that happens, the top priority is to heal as quickly as possible and get back in the game. PEMF therapy is a perfect solution for faster recovery.

Testimonial from an Olympic Triathlete:

I’ve been using (my high intensity PEMF device) now religiously for the last couple of months. I use it prior to workouts in the morning and do another session most days between workouts. I have found that it takes away pain rather quickly from any niggles that are starting to occur. I feel more energized after use and often use it as a “pick me up” just before heading out to workout. Regeneration and healing are vital as an athlete, and I find that I’m able to consistently do my workouts with the added support the PEMF provides. I’m a bit of an addict now, often reading while I’m getting “zapped”.

What is PEMF Therapy?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy is a safe, non-invasive treatment for injuries and a wide range of other conditions.  Electrical currents run through copper coils creating pulsed magnetic fields that pass through the body, promoting healing at the cellular level. 

PEMF therapy has been studied by scientists for decades, resulting in thousands of published studies, clinical trials and research articles. The benefits of PEMF therapy are clear.

Pulsed electromagnetic therapy has been shown to improve circulation, promote muscle relaxation and enhance muscular performance, decrease inflammation, reduce pain and swelling, repair cartilage in the joints, and improve oxygenation in tissues, among other healing actions.  When managing injury, all of those actions can speed recovery and improve results. That’s why PEMF for athletes is so effective.

PEMFs Help Heal Injury Faster

All injuries take time to heal, but PEMF therapy can reduce this time significantly, often by half as long, and even shorter for injuries treated in the acute phase.  PEMF devices have been approved by the FDA for use in healing fractures, since research has indicated that they reduce healing time by almost half.

Injuries produce edema (swelling) which delays the body’s ability to provide tissues with nutrients and oxygen. Ice is a common treatment, but ice is mainly effective on superficial swelling, not swelling deep within a muscle.  PEMFs reach these deep injuries much more comfortably, risk-free, reducing swelling and allowing for faster recovery.

In addition to reducing pain and swelling, PEMF applicators produce other actions that have a direct impact on the body’s response to injury.  These actions include soothing nerve reactions, relaxing muscles, and producing impacts similar to reflexology and acupuncture treatment in the body.

Stimulating healing where damage has occured, in the cells and tissues of the body, is essential for faster recovery.  Masking symptoms with pain medications does nothing to promote actual healing and actually risks further injury. PEMFs, however, directly produce those healing actions.

How do PEMFs help the body to heal? 

Research indicates that PEMFs can stimulate myosin phosphorylation, the process of producing energy in muscle. This process produces ATP, which is critical to cell energy.  If ATP is low, muscles are weak.  Tough workouts and strenuous use of muscles diminishes ATP, requiring rest to restore the supply.  But if the body doesn’t have the required resources, ATP cannot be replenished.  PEMF therapy has been demonstrated to stimulate production, activation and reproduction of ATP.

Muscles can also be damaged due to heat stress (also called heat shock).  Active muscles need more heat shock protein, which protects the muscles against damage.  Research has shown that using gentle stimulation to induce production of heat shock proteins before damage occurs, this damage can be reduced.  Early results of research on the use of magnetic devices to stimulate heat shock proteins in heart muscles before open-heart surgery are promising, indicating that this stimulation decreases muscle damage, and speeds recovery.

PEMF therapy also increases the amount of oxygen that muscles take in. A small increase in oxygen can lead to significantly better muscle performance. And even a tiny advantage can lead to big results in professional competition.

Consistent use of PEMF for Sports Enhancement

PEMF for athletes is beneficial not only for healing when injury has occurred, but to promote optimal performance all the time. Athletes at all levels use PEMF therapy as part of their regular training routine.  It’s an affordable, safe therapeutic solution that can enhance athletic performance by keeping muscles working optimally.

Using PEMF therapy to enhance performance and keep the body working at its best decreases the risk of injury as well as allowing the body to recover faster when injury does happen. Regular use of a PEMF mat before and after training workouts and competition allow for top performance and faster recovery.

Muscles work harder, longer recover faster with magnetic stimulation.  Vigorous use of muscles results in pain, tension, micro-tears muscle protein breakdown [rhabdomyolysis] and often, muscle spasms. Magnetic field therapy helps with all of those aspects of vigorous use of muscles.  Magnetic field therapy reduces excessive, reactive muscle contractions to alleviate the pain from spasms.

Why Professional Athletes Rely on PEMF Therapy

Professional athletes are under pressure to both train and compete despite injuries.  Regularly pushing muscles and joints past their limits can result in long term problems.  Regular use of electromagnetic field therapy can help.

Olympic athletes from places like East Germany and Russia have used PEMF devices for decadesAs described by one US Olympic team Doctor during one summer Olympics: they bounced back the next day after competition and trials – like robots. Our American athletes needed two – three days to recover.

PEMF devices are not considered doping, as no foreign substances are entering the body. The pulsed electromagnetic fields simply pass through the body, stimulating healing and optimizing function actions as they go.  These therapeutic systems are not illegal in athletic competition at any level.

PEMF for sports enhancement boosts energy, improves the condition of muscles and joints, improves blood flow, promotes better balance, faster reaction times and clear thinking. Each of these actions allows athletes to perform at their best.

PEMF Devices Are a Solid Investment for Competitive Athletes

Professional athletes train and play hard all the time.  Even when injury isn’t present, muscles are under constant strain.  PEMF devices are versatile; they can be applied to many different issues in the body.  Owning a PEMF device means an athlete is ready to treat any injury that may occur, rapidly and consistently, as well as having a fantastic tool for health maintenance.

Specific injuries require targeted treatment, while full body treatment offers the most benefit for general health maintenance and recovery from exertion. There are many PEMF mats for sale, but they don’t all offer the flexibility of the BioBalance PEMF system as well as the ability to do “”magnetic sandwich”” treatments for more effective results.

The BioBalance is a medium intensity full-body system with a wide range of intensities and frequencies available.  With six preset programs and the ability to adjust both intensity and treatment times, the BioBalance is a great solution for flexible, personalized use of PEMFs for athletes. 

Just 15-30 minutes of full body use can produce beneficial effects for athletes.  With injuries that require longer treatment times, the BioBalance mat can be used safely for extended periods, even overnight.

The BioBalance comes with both a full body mat and smaller pillow applicator for targeted treatment. These two applicators can be used together or separately without losing intensity of the pulsed electromagnetic fields. 

The BioBalance is a solid investment for athletes looking for peak performance and quick recovery from injuries.  Send us a Message for more information or to order.

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