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BioBalance is a whole body PEMF therapy system with a PEMF mat and a local application pad. The BioBalance was designed to be a less expensive comprehensive option than many other whole body PEMF devices.

The BioBalance PEMF device produces strong natural frequencies that resonate with the body’s own cells. The pulsed electromagnetic field coming from 21 copper coils inside the large mat applicator treats the entire body, reinforcing functional cycles in a natural way. It restores cell functioning and allows the body to recover its self-healing capabilities, thus protecting your health and improving your wellness and performance.

Safe and effective, only 15-30 minutes, twice a day. Treatment is quick and easy to use. No need to remove clothing or jewelry.

Why BioBalance?

BioBalance was designed to be a less expensive comprehensive option to other full body PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) systems like MAS, Bemer, iMRS, etc. BioBalance also produces higher frequency modulated signals that provide more stimulation to the cells and tissues. The magnetic fields emitted from the BioBalance mat and pad are significantly stronger than for example OMI, Bemer, and iMRS. This allows for a more usable energy deeper into the body.

At the retail price of $2,450 you are getting a battery and mains operated control unit with a 10 Gauss (1,000 MicroTesla) pad and 5 Gauss (500 MicroTesla) full body mat.

Want to know how BioBalance compares with iMRS, Bemer, OMI?

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Stay Informed, Find Your Balance

The BioBalance is the most advanced PEMF technology on the planet.

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