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BioBalance’s quality PEMF machine combines a whole body pulsed electromagnetic system with a local treatment pad delivering superior bio-medical therapy to customers worldwide.

About the BioBalance PEMF Machine

The BioBalance PEMF machine (along with our other PEMF machine products) was created/brought-to-market by our founder, Dr. William Pawluk, MD., an established authority in PEMF nationwide.

We’re proud to present our groundbreaking medium-intensity, whole-body PEMF machine. Here’s why the BioBalance PEMF machine is technologically superior to any other PEMF mat-type system:

  • Comfortable large PEMF Mat and Small Pillow Pad applicators
  • Two Ports allowing both applicators to be used simultaneously without the typical loss of power like other PEMF devices
  • Ability to use either AC power or Battery operation
  • Precise control of programs and intensity for up to 12 hours
  • Upgrade software using USB port
  • Lightweight Control unit
  • Modulated carrier waves (300, 600, 800, 1000 Hz) deliver energy deeper into the body

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About the Founder

Dr. William Pawluk, MD is a formerly Board-Certified family physician, previously with a practice near Baltimore, Maryland. He has had academic appointments at a number of universities, including Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland. Additionally, Dr. Pawluk has had training in acupuncture, homeopathy, hypnosis, and bodywork and is considered the foremost authority on the use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy in North America. Dr. Pawluk has authored/co-authored several books on the subject of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy including:


Dr. Pawluk, an acknowledged leader in the field, is a regularly invited guest speaker for heath industry Podcasts and Webinars nationwide.

About the Company

The BioBalance PEMF machine is distributed worldwide by High Tech Wellness, LLC operating outside of Baltimore, Maryland.

Unlike others, we take a clinical approach to our work using medical specialists in various disciplines: doctors, therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and natural practioners to assist you in the selection of the correct PEMF machine.

Since our beginning in 2012 (actually, we go back even further), our company has experienced healthy growth. Our office is staffed daily by friendly, professional customer service representatives always ready to address your questions and concerns.

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