Anti-Ageing & Longevity with PEMF therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is the anti-ageing, life extension or longevity secret of many ageing stars and sports personalities today. The anti-aging affects of PEMFs (Pulsed electromagnetic fields) occur as they stimulate the body on a cellular level and aging is a cellular event.

PEMF therapy stimulates the cells to function optimally. When cells are well optimized, oxidative waste is reduced. This improves the oxygen-carrying capacity of the cells. More oxygen intake capacity means more energy for the cells. More energy for the cells has longevity effects due to highly optimized functions which include repair and recovery from stress. To sum it up, less oxidative waste directly translates into slower ageing1.

PEMF therapy for anti-aging and longevity

PEMF therapy has true anti-ageing effects as pulsed electromagnetic fields tuned to correct frequencies switch some genes from matured to a growing state. In 2002, NASA’s Goodwin patent found that pulsed electromagnetic therapy modifies the genetic regulation of mammalian chondrocytes, osteoblasts, osteocytes, osteoclasts, nucleus pulposus, associated tissue, or any combination.

Popular anti-aging articles like this one on, talk about sleep among other beauty and health tips. Agreed optimum Sleep and nutrition is very necessary however, the electromagnetic requirement is hugely ignored. All energy and matter is electromagnetic, if you can biohack your biomagnetic processes, previously unimaginable longevity effects can occur.

PEMFs give cells energy to boost your immune system function. PEMFs combined with whole food supplementation, helps to maintain a healthy metabolism and also helps promote the general feeling of wellness by avoiding the chronic illnesses related to insulin resistance such as; diabetes, heart disease and even depression. PEMFs are well documented to increase cellular uptake of macro and micro nutrients.

PEMF therapy research in Europe has shown that daily use in over 4 to 6 weeks can result in balanced blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol level. PEMFs dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow. PEMF therapy has beneficial effects on blood pressure2 and also the quality of blood circulating. PEMFs enhance blood oxygen capacity by 80 to 90%, thus creating an alkaline state in the body conducive to slower aging.

We can see that the anti-ageing and longevity effects of PEMF therapy are not skin deep, although applying PEMFs has an incredible regenerative effects on the skin3 too.

PEMFs (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields) help to restore neuron-transmitters, cellular communication and brain function. Senior brain health issues like Alzheimer’s4 and Parkinson’s5 can be controlled and even reversed with PEMF.

The frequencies used in the Biobalance are biologically identical to frequencies in the human body. Shortage or breaks in the body’s bioelectric system causes problems with cell communication and cell metabolism. With pulsed electromagnetic fields, the breaks are repaired and restored better by the cells and with daily use, maintained.

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