Does PEMF Therapy Work For Back Pain?

Back pain is so common that it’s unlikely you don’t know at least one person in your life who has been impacted by the condition.  According to statistics from the American Chiropractic Association, about 31 million Americans experience pain in the lower back at any given time.  And nearly 80% of the population will deal with back pain at some point in their lifetime.  

Back pain is a leading reason for missed work, and can prevent people from engaging in the activities of daily life. It can impact people of all ages, and is the third most common reason for doctor’s visit. While many instances of back pain can be resolved, for some people back pain becomes a debilitating chronic condition.

Back pain can result from injury or accidents, but sometimes even the smallest movements can cause strain, sprain, rupture or irritation in the bones, joints, ligaments and muscles that are all part of the complex structure of the back. Arthritis, poor posture, stress, obesity, and disease or infection are among myriad other potential sources of pain in the back. Treatment must address the source, not just mask symptoms, in order to be effective.

Unfortunately, conventional treatments for back pain are largely ineffective in correcting the problem, and often lead to significant adverse side effects.  Treatments such as bed rest, hot or cold compresses, and repeated visits to a physical therapist can take weeks or even months to provide relief, and can be quite expensive.  Medications can lead to drug tolerance, meaning it takes higher doses to find relief, and dependence. Surgery can lead to complications and, because knowing the exact source of back pain can be difficult, surgical procedures may not help.

With so many people affected by back pain every year, there’s clearly a need for safer, non-invasive and effective treatments that address the cause of the problem, not just symptoms.  PEMF therapy is that solution.

PEMF therapy uses pulsed electromagnetic fields of sufficient intensity to reach the target tissue, recharging cells and reducing pain and inflammation. These electromagnetic fields reach deep into the body, passing through tissue and working at a cellular level. 

Your spinal cord contains a billion neurons that send signals to your brain.  Improved spine health can lead to better posture, gait, more control of the body, and a reduction in back pain. Research conducted for NASA in 2003 indicated that PEMF therapy led to faster neural regeneration.

Clinical trials have supported the use of PEMF therapy for managing pain.  A 2012 randomized clinical trial evaluated the effectiveness of PEMF therapy in patients with discogenic lumbar radiculopathy, concluding that it did reduce symptoms as well as reducing nerve compression.1

A 2019 study showed that adding PEMF therapy to conventional physiotherapy protocols for back pain provided greater improvement in pain, functional mobility and lumbar range of motion.2

One systematic review of research on the effectiveness of PEMF therapy for low back pain concluded that the treatment does relieve pain and improve functionality.3 This is just a small sampling of the research available, including research on specific conditions that cause pain such as osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, and arthritis.

A PEMF full body mat is an incredible tool for the treatment of pain. These mats produce pulsed electromagnetic fields that stimulate natural healing and balance cell functions in the body.  And in addition to impacting pain, The BioBalance PEMF mat can improve energy, promote quality sleep, help your body gently detoxify, and aid in healthy aging. 

The time needed for PEMF therapy is considerably less than that needed for frequent visits to the doctor or physical therapy.  The BioBalance can help manage pain in regular daily treatments of just 15-30 minutes, twice per day.  And for situations that need more treatment times, the BioBalance can be used for extended periods of time – even overnight! Combining the whole body pad with the smaller   applicator can improve results even more.

The BioBalance PEMF mat uses the latest technology with its broadband sinusoidal waveform to provide full body coverage, stronger local application, and USB PEMF program updates. 

The BioBalance is a medium-intensity whole body system with preset therapeutic frequencies ranging from 0.5 Hz to 23 Hz.  With six programs, some of which offer a background frequency as well, BioBalance PEMF mats are perfect for producing a wide range of benefits. The BioBalance comes with a smaller pillow applicator for targeted treatment as well.

For cost-effective and convenient treatment of chronic back pain, The BioBalance is a great solution. Send us a Message for more information or to order.


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October 21, 2020
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