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There are a wide range of safe, natural treatments available to manage both acute and chronic health conditions.  One of the best things about these treatments is that they  don’t involve surgical procedures or long term medications which carry serious risks and uncomfortable side effects.  You can hear about these alternative treatments in the Proven: Healing Breakthroughs Backed by Science docu-series. 

In this powerful series, each episode explores a specific health issue and the natural alternatives that can make a big difference.  Interviews with 47 leading experts offer a broad overview of the power of natural healing modalities.

Episodes 6 and 10 feature Dr. Pawluk, a leading expert on the use of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs), who explains the impact that pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can have on healing and good health.  

PEMF therapy is a natural fit for Episode 6, Overcoming Pain.  PEMFs have long been used to address pain issues from injury, osteoarthritis, and other inflammatory conditions.  In this episode, Dr. Pawluk details how effective PEMF therapy is on pain, and why.  He outlines the key mechanisms in the body that are impacted by PEMF therapy, and how these mechanisms, when healthy, keep pain at bay.  Pulsed electromagnetic fields promote healing at the cellular level.  Used on its own or in conjunction with other natural modalities, PEMF therapy can significantly decrease pain and help your body heal faster.

Research has shown that PEMF treatment works on chronic back pain, joint pain, chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia and autoimmune disorders, as well as pain caused by injury or surgery.  With regular treatment with PEMFs, swelling and inflammation subside, joint mobility is increased, and pain is quickly reduced.  One study found PEMFs to be more effective than medications for managing pain.

PEMF therapy is also relevant to the subject of Episode 10, Boosting Your Immune System and Fighting Viruses.  In this episode, Dr. Pawluk discusses how PEMF therapy works on managing infection, from the early stages to more severe infections.

Because PEMFs reach deep inside the body, they are effective for reaching infection in internal organs as well as infected surface wounds.  As pulsed electromagnetic fields pass through the body’s tissues, they stimulate cell repair and decrease inflammation.  Proper energy is restored through the application of magnetic fields, giving the body more capacity to fight off viral or bacterial infections, speed recovery and help the body deal with the damage left behind.

PEMF therapy works better and healing is deeper and faster when the body is supplied with the appropriate and necessary nutrients, supplements and conditions. This is one of the reasons the Dr. Pawluk participated in the Proven series. And yet, while all of these components are necessary, they are often not sufficient to produce optimal results. This is the reason that PEMFs are recommended alongside these other approaches.

The entire Proven series is available for purchase at a significant discount here.  PEMFs are just one of the effective, natural alternative healing options backed by scientific research that are explored in this powerful series.

Purchasing the series provides you with instant access to valuable information from these 47 world renowned experts, including Dr. Pawluk.  Select one of three options to suit your specific needs. All three include lifetime digital access to video, audio and transcripts of all episodes.  When you select the Silver Package you’ll also receive a digital viewing guide and 2 bonuses. The Gold package includes a print viewing guide, DVDs, and 2 additional bonuses.  The best value is the Platinum package which includes everything in the Gold package along with six additional bonuses.  You can see the details of each offer here.

Proven: Healing Breakthroughs Backed by Science is your comprehensive source for managing myriad health conditions naturally.  The series provides you with an opportunity to experience optimal health personally – or help your clients in reaching top health.

With these episodes at your fingertips, you’ll discover the benefits of natural alternative health care, including PEMF therapy.  Dr. Pawluk will introduce you to the healing power of PEMF therapy for pain reduction, fighting infection, and restoring the body to full health.

A moderate intensity, whole body PEMF system, the BioBalance PEMF, is very useful for health and healing. The BioBalance PEMF mat uses the latest technology with its broadband sinusoidal waveform to provide full body coverage, stronger local application, and USB PEMF program updates. This medium-intensity whole body system has six preset programs that work on healing throughout the body.  The system comes with two applicators, the full body mat and a pillow applicator for targeted treatment. These can be used simultaneously or independently, offering flexibility and added convenience. The BioBalance can be used for a few minutes or all night long.  Daily treatment with the BioBalance device enhances natural recovery, alleviates pain, and maximizes overall health and wellness. Morning treatment gets rid of the “cobwebs”from the night before. Evening or nighttime treatment helps the body remove the effects of the stress of the day, leading to a better and more refreshing night’s sleep.

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