How to Use PEMF Mats

If you’re exploring the benefits of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy, you may have a lot of questions, both on how it works and on the best way to use a PEMF device.

PEMF devices send short bursts of pulsed electromagnetic fields through your body, impacting the organs, bones, tissues and cells.  These pulses stimulate healthy growth and activity in the cells, helping your body’s natural healing processes occur. PEMFs are natural, safe, non-invasive ways to promote optimal health.

Research has shown that PEMF benefits health in myriad ways, including promoting healing of bone and soft tissue, improving circulation, increasing immune function, positive impact on quality sleep, and offering relief from pain. PEMFs have the added benefit of even stimulating the whole acupuncture system – all without needing to use needles. There are many systems available, which can make choosing a system confusing.

Targeted or Whole Body?

PEMF devices can be small and portable, or larger systems best suited for clinical applications.  Some systems are solely for targeted use, while others treat the whole body. Both are effective for treatment of various conditions, with the smaller applicators best for specific problem areas, and the whole body mats most useful for overall health maintenance.

Investing in a whole body system makes sense, since most come with smaller applicators that can be used to treat specific areas as necessary.  Unless you have only a very narrow need for PEMF therapy for you, a full body system is the way to go.

The smaller, more intense PEMF applicator must be directed at an area that needs healing.  When you have an obvious injury or health concern, like a bruise, broken bone, or dental issue, it’s easy to know where to place the applicator. But when your conditions are more broad – such as sleep difficulties or generalized pain, or want whole body health maintenance, the whole body mat is ideal.

PEMFs impact many processes in the areas being treated: chemical, mechanical, electric, magnetic and acupuncture.Whole body treatments impact these processes throughout the body all at once.  This is particularly helpful if the place where pain is felt isn’t the actual source of the problem.  Sciatic pain, for instance, often starts at the base of the spine, but is experienced most intensely in the leg. Treating both the area pain is felt, and the spine with a whole body mat, is recommended.

How long should I use a PEMF Mat?

For health maintenance, or to treat the spine for pain conditions, treatment at least once per day on the whole-body mat is recommended.  A minimum of 30 minutes twice a day is ideal. Treatment after waking up gets rid of the cobwebs from the night before. Treatment at the end of the day removes the effects of stress out of the body and prepares the body for sleep. Intensity of the system may alter treatment times; high intensity systems may require as little as five minutes, although more typically about 30 minutes. Very low intensity systems can be used continuously, some even overnight.

The longer you’ve had a problem, or the more severe the problem is, the longer the treatment times should be for best results. The good news is that there is no risk of overdose on a magnetic field, since they pass completely through the body.

PEMF therapy should be continued even after you feel better (typically for twice as long as it took to find relief) to promote full healing.  The true goal of PEMF therapy is treating the underlying causes of the symptoms, not just managing them. With some chronic conditions, you may need to treat indefinitely.  And because PEMFs offer such great preventative care, including for anti-aging, once you have a system, why stop using it? Besides, aging never sleeps or takes rests. After all, we want to at least keep up with or get ahead of the aging process.

Proper Way to Use a PEMF Mat

As with any therapeutic treatment, knowing how to use the equipment properly is crucial to achieving the desired results.

The first consideration is what program to use.  Most systems come with pre-programmed options, which may be the best place to begin.  But because the range of health conditions that can be treated with a PEMF mat is so wide, these won’t necessarily cover all of your needs.

In general, starting with a low to medium intensity is a good idea.  This will allow you to pay attention to any reactions you have, and build your tolerance if necessary.  Most people do not experience adverse reactions.  Still, it’s best to begin with a lower setting and work up to the highest intensity the system will allow.

Using PEMFs may be considered somewhat like cellular exercise. As with any type of exercise, one doesn’t go from a full stop, to being full out without proper training. Building up gradually makes the most sense. Some people, who are the most out of balance and the most sensitive, can take considerable time to reach maximum intensity and maximum treatment time. Other people who are in fantastic shape already may be able to reach the maximum treatment times and intensities within 1 or 2 treatment sessions.

Low to medium intensity full body mats such as the BioBalancePEMF can be used on the floor, a bed, recliner, lounge chair, chair or couch – wherever you are most comfortable. This allows you to multi-task – read, watch tv, or even get a good night’s sleep – while you receive treatment.   Because of the low-intensity pulses, these PEMF mats are safe to use for long stretches of time – even overnight.

The BioBalancePEMF is a medium-intensity whole-body system with a relatively wide frequency range that can be either plugged in or run on battery power.  The system has six built in programs: Balance, Alert, Relax, Sleep, Recovery, and Sweep. In addition to the therapeutic frequencies, the BioBalancePEMF has background frequencies in some programs, ranging from 300 Hz to 1,000 Hz, to provide the body with more resonance choices.

Using the BioBalancePEMF therapy system is easy.  The first step is to place the full body mat wherever you’d like to use it and lay (or sit, if using a recliner or chair) on it.  Select the program you’d like to use.  If you have an area that requires targeted treatment, you can also place the small pillow pad on a specific spot on your body. You can use the pillow pad and full body mat together, or one after the other – it’s all up to you.

When the machine is operating, the control unit sends a low voltage signal to the mat, which translates it into 21 concentrated pulsating magnetic fields gently penetrating the body.  Most people won’t feel any sensation during treatment, but some may experience a feeling of warmth or other light sensation.  The unit can be adjusted as necessary during use.

The BioBalancePEMF mat uses the latest technology with its broadband sinusoidal waveform to provide full body coverage, stronger local application, and USB PEMF program updates when needed. It’s an affordable system that produces numerous benefits.  Reviews of the BioBalancePEMF are consistently positive, demonstrating the real value our customers receive with their purchase.  And our 30-day money back guarantee means you can try it for yourself risk-free.

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October 21, 2020
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