PEMF Therapy for Diabetes

pemf therapy for diabetes

Diabetes is a very common disease. Diabetes can affect both adults and young children. While diabetes is lifelong, the associated symptoms do not have to be. This article will delve into the symptoms of diabetes and how PEMF therapy can help improve symptoms.

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a common chronic disease. This condition is lifelong, once a patient has been diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetes causes high levels of sugar in the blood. Affected by diabetes, are over 20 million Americans. This doesn’t include the 40 million Americans who are pre-diabetic.

The Two Types of Diabetes

Type 1 – Commonly, this is diagnosed more in children. However, it can develop at any age. This type of diabetes is when the body produces little or no insulin.

Type 2 – This is the most common type of diabetes. Type 2 diabetes most often occurs in adults. Although, more children are being diagnosed with diabetes, due to the rise in obesity. For type 2 diabetics, their body produces high insulin levels.

Over time, the pancreas becomes exhausted through producing insulin. The body no longer listens to the insulin. The reduction in high blood sugar levels is a result of insulin resistance – this ends in type 2 diabetes.

What Diabetes Does to The Body

In people who are not diabetic, once our bodies have broken down and digested food, glucose enters the bloodstream. The pancreas then produces insulin. This insulin then moves glucose out from the bloodstream and into muscle, liver cells, and fat. This is where it becomes energy.

Whereas in someone with diabetes, their pancreas either doesn’t make enough insulin or the cells don’t listen to insulin. Or sometimes both. As a result, glucose doesn’t successfully move as it should. Areas such as muscle, the liver, or fat, don’t get the glucose as they should.

Also, diabetics are at higher risk of experiencing poor circulation. As the tiny blood vessels become damaged, which leads to poor circulation. It could also be a result of plaque build-up within the larger blood vessels. Ultimately, this means that the blood vessels are not able to send enough blood to cells. But once circulation has become a problem, it can be a problem for the tissues and all organs. Although, this problem varies from person to person.

A common health concern that you may have heard of for diabetics is retinopathy. Retinopathy refers to the damage of the nerves in the back of the eye. It can also affect cataracts, cause blockages in the blood vessels, and heart attacks. Not only that, but it can also make way for neuropathy damage to the nerves in the gut and feet. There are also links to Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, and kidney failure. Overall, diabetics bodies are prone to infections. Diabetics recovery time tends to be slower because their healing is impaired.

Diabetes and PEMF Therapy

There is great news for people with diabetes. Research has shown that PEMF devices can improve underlying damage. Damage that is traveling across the body. Two of the arguably more common symptoms of diabetics is poor circulation and wounds. PEMF therapy can help improve both of these. Not only that, but it can also help to improve:

  • Arthritis
  • Liver Function
  • The function of the Pancreas
  • Reduction of insulin resistance

For diabetic people to notice improvement and to feel the benefits, PEMF therapy should be carried out daily. Although, it is important to be aware that while PEMF therapy can help improve underlying damage. It may not work effectively alone. To help manage diabetes, it is essential to take care of your diet. You may also want to consider supplements too. If diabetics failed to control their diet, PEMF therapy wouldn’t work as well as it could.

PEMF Therapy and Amputated Legs

There have been amazing reports from patients who have been able to save their legs through PEMF therapy. In one patient’s case, they were recommended to have their leg amputated due to the progression of their condition. The patient chose to try PEMF therapy. Alongside making changes to their diet to save their leg. To their surgeon’s surprise, this patient was able to keep their leg after just three months of therapy.

There have also been other successful studies completed on how PEMF therapy can help heal wounds. Overall, PEMF therapy is a great solution to healing processes.

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The Takeaway

Diabetes is a common, slowly progressive condition that many people don’t see coming. Many people aren’t aware until a lot of damage has been done to the body. There is damage being done to the body, even when the body is in the prediabetic stage. While it may take quite some time for the body to come out of the prediabetic stage, it can cause substantial damage.

PEMF therapy can be a great non-invasive form of physical therapy. It can help improve the underlying symptoms and complications of diabetes, such as poor circulation, wound healing, and arthritis. If you would like to see improvements in your symptoms, why not give our BioBalance PEMF system a try for yourself?

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