The BIOBALANCE PEMF Therapy Mat Uses and Benefits

PEMF Therapy Mat Uses and Benefits

For those who are interested in Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy but cannot afford the expense of a traditional device, there are more cost-effective options. Ever since 2017, BioBalance has offered its PEMF Therapy Mat at a fraction of the cost of most regular devices. This has allowed countless people to enjoy the benefits of PEMF Therapy who otherwise could not have.

What Is the BIOBALANCE PEMF Therapy Mat?

This innovative and affordable PEMF technology provides a whole body, medium intensity therapy with a reasonably wide frequency range. It runs on battery power or an outlet. It is adjustable to different settings to provide maximum results when used regularly and properly.

What Are Some of the Benefits?

There are countless general and specific benefits that people can experience with PEMF. Since this type of therapy works on a cellular level, the benefits extend all throughout our bodies. As a result, it produces many positive changes in everything from energy production to more complete sleep cycles. With your cells recharged and balanced, many people report noticing improvements in areas they didn’t even realize they had a problem.

PEMF Cellular Benefits

As we just mentioned, everything in our bodies begins at the cellular level. This is where all of the energy and information is stored for the foundational functions of the body. Here are a few examples of how PEMF therapy can improve things here:

  • Increases cellular oxygen and energy levels
  • Increases intercellular fluid and blood flow
  • Promotes the production of ATP energy
  • Stimulates cellular healing
  • Stimulates cellular electron transport
  • Promotes communication between cells

PEMF Biological Benefits

Since everything starts at the cellular level for humans, recharging and energizing it will have profound impact on the rest of the body. PEMF therapy also produces many positive biological changes as well. Here are a few examples:

  • Notable pain relief
  • Accelerated tissue repair and cell growth
  • Improved lymph and blood flow
  • Encourages faster healing
  • Reduces formation of excess fibrous tissue
  • Relieves inflammation and swelling
  • Promotes endorphin release

PEMF Overall Benefits

Continuing with the idea that cellular improvement leads to biological improvement, it only makes sense that both would lead to overall benefits as well. With so many systems functioning so much more efficiently, many people begin to see the general health benefits pile up. These may include any of the following (and many others):

  • Reduction in pain and effects on the body from stress
  • Reduction in chronic inflammation
  • Improved blood and tissue oxygenation/energy/blood pressure/circulation
  • Balancing the immune system
  • Stimulating DNA and RNA
  • Acceleration of repair of soft tissue and bone
  • Easier relaxation
  • Reduction in anxiety and stress

Additionally, it also helps with the intake of nutrients, cholesterol levels, cellular detoxification, and cell regeneration. There are also many other ways that PEMF can improve general health.

PEMF Mental & Emotional Health

There are a number of ways that PEMF assists in managing mental health issues as well. Because the brain itself runs on electricity, by altering the brain’s magnetic and electric fields the brain’s cells are to energized and recharged PEMFs have an incredible impact on neuro cells right from the start. Since many mental issues stem from imbalances in the brain, PEMFs often have been able to ease their symptoms and/or frequency.

Additional Considerations

The incredible health and wellness experts here at Bio Balance can help you decide if the BioBalance Therapy Mat is right for you or not. Simply contact us at your earliest convenience at We would be glad to discuss the BioBalance further and answer any questions you may have.

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