Detox Naturally with PEMF therapy

PEMF therapy is an incredible tool to naturally Detox. Pulsating Magnetic Fields stimulate the mitochondria and enhance the oxygen-carrying capacity of the cells. This results in natural detoxification and is a great benefit of using PEMF therapy regularly.

Applying Detox is a Modern Requirement for Survival

We live in an increasingly toxic environment. Most of the food that is provided to us, unless organic, has been grown with pesticides, injected with hormones, or includes chemicals. With the increase in pollution all around us, the water that we drink and the air we breathe has become more toxic. Chemicals found in detergents, shampoos, deodorants, etc, have been found to be harmful. PEMF therapy boosts immunity and acts as added protection.

Cell regeneration is the key to removal of waste, toxins, and free radicals in the body. While practicing healthy nutrition is a great way to detox and minimize the need to detox, sometimes they are not enough on their own. You may still need to detox more and nutrition could fail, especially in this day and age. As an anti-aging tool, PEMF therapy works on the cellular level.

It has been more evident that man-made electric fields, called electro-pollution, which we are exposed to from power lines, cell phones, cell phone towers, computers, WiFi, electrical appliances, etc. are harmful. Research has shown that the accumulation of harmful toxins that we are being subjected to have been affecting the biochemical processes within the body. Toxins in the body cause us to feel exhausted, to age, and become ill.

Luckily, man also learnt to use magnetic fields for healing. Although awareness is still low, we hope to see adoption spread as the news spreads. If you have a BioBalance PEMF therapy system yourself, please take our collective human health into consideration and write reviews or share our articles with your friends and family.

Natural Detox with PEMF therapy

PEMF therapy for Detox

A recent 2018 report leads to several studies that demonstrate repetitive magnetic field exposure in human cells stimulates production of biological stress response chemicals known as reactive oxygen species (ROS). At moderate doses, we find that reactive oxygen actively stimulates cellular repair and stress response pathways, which might account for the observed therapeutic effects to repetitive magnetic stimulation.1

Reactive Oxygen Species is a component of the killing response of immune cells to microbial invasion. It is evident in research that pulsed-electromagnetic fields enhance reactive oxygen species (ROS)2.

Hangovers heal at least 50% faster and performance is better than imagined after a PEMF session. With the BioBalance you can expect faster recovery for sustained period of time allowing you to focus on upgrading your lifestyle and wellness.

Unlike general detoxifying agents and many detox programs, the BioBalance PEMF assists the body’s ability to release toxins from within by enhancing cell membrane potential and allowing the cells in the body to regenerate and detox more efficiently. And we do it better than any other PEMF mat, you can compare and see for yourself.

A higher cellular voltage level in your system means higher energy and many experience leaps and bounds in their careers as they’re happier and can focus for longer periods. Improved computing and cognitive abilities are a result of natural detox, and it’s easily visible within the first few sessions of PEMF use.

Sherrard R, Morellini N, Jourdan N, et al. Low-intensity electromagnetic fields induce human cryptochrome to modulate intracellular reactive oxygen species. PLoS Biol. 2018;16(10):e2006229. [PubMed]
Kubat N, Moffett J, Fray L. Effect of pulsed electromagnetic field treatment on programmed resolution of inflammation pathway markers in human cells in culture. J Inflamm Res. 2015;8:59-69. [PMC]

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November 17, 2018
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